Amsterdam Wedding Photographer

Whoohoo! You are getting married and Amsterdam is the destination for your wedding. Well, maybe we are the perfect photographer for you guys. We have photographed more than 400 weddings and visited Amsterdam about 25 times. We know our way around the city and love to show you some great photography spots. Please allow us some time to show you why we might be a perfect fit for your wedding day.

Beautiful wedding photography spots in Amsterdam

Many couples who chose Amsterdam as a background for their wedding, want to show a bit of the city in the photos. If you want we can have a photoshoot with the two of you along the canals. Amsterdam is famous for it’s “Magere Brug”, a pitoresque bridge across the river Amstel. We could also visiti the Prinsengracht, Herengracht or Keizersgracht: the area around the canals is perfect. If you can take the time we would love to get about 60 minutes for the photoshoot. We want you guys to be as relaxed as possible and in an hour we can visit a few great spots for some nice photos. The more time we have, the more relaxed the shoot is going to be. But a different idea might be to simple take one great spot and stay there. The area around the Rijksmuseum is great too. It is a symbol of Amsterdam and at the same time a great spot for rainy days. We have photographed weddings with loads of sunshine, but Dutch weather can be rainy too ;) Having a backup plan in case it rains will keep the photoshoot relaxed. And so you will have great photos of the two of you. Maybe good to know: we love to take photos in a natural way. We want you to recognise yourselves in the photos.
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Bruidsfotografie Amsterdam Industriele Groote Club 025
Bruidsfotografie Sophie en Robert 032
A few other places we really like in Amsterdam are: The Vondelpark and the Amstelpark. These places give a great mix between the city and nature. We are big fans of romance, something you might have seen in our portfolio. So when we get the chance we take photos with a bit of nature in there. So, if possible, we need about 60 minutes to take photos. One and a half hour would be perfect though, because we sometimes need travel time too. In Amsterdam it is a bit hard to park your car so you have to take cabs, Ubers and travel by foot. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, we love to be involved and want to give you tips wherever possible. And if you are designing your wedding schedule and you need some feedback, let us know. We would love to be your amsterdam wedding photographer.
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Wedding photographer in Amsterdam

Something that’s quite unique about Mon et Mine is the fact that we are a husband and wife team. So when you book us, you get two professional wedding photographers. You can have us in two separate locations during the wedding prep, for instance. Ramon often time starts at the grooms location, while I (Hermine) start to photograph “the girls”. We know that a destination wedding can be interesting to coordinate, especially with a lot of guests from abroad, so having two photographers can make a lot of things easier. Having two photographers also ensures that you receive a lot of pictures from multiple angles and or moments. One of us will capture the way you see your day while the other focusses a lot on your special guests. The might have flown quite some miles, so we want you to see them in the photos ;)
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6 reasons to book us as your Amsterdam wedding photographer


One or two wedding photographers

Have two photographers that can be in multiple locations at the same time.


400+ weddings covered
So we know our way around Amsterdam.


Color and contrast in your photos
We are known for our bold colors and black and whites.


Real Moments
We want your special moments to be captured. It’s what we do.


Quick Delivery
We do this full-time, so expect to receive your photos within three weeks. You’ll receive your album design a week later.


Prices include VAT and travel expenses

Simply an “all-in” price, so you know up front that our work will cost you.

Recent weddings in Amsterdam

How we work

You might have read this earlier, but we think your wedding day should be about you and your friends and family. We will take photos without interrupting moments. We will focus on the two of you, but we want you to have photos of everything that’s taking place that day. Our photos are recognizable as “Mon et Mine” wedding photos, our colors are bright and natural at the same time. We love to take photos of details and incorporate the atmosphere of the day.

You chose Amsterdam for a reason so your wedding coverage will show photos of just that. Ramon will focus on overviews and what the day felt like and I will focus on your details. Together we will take photos of all your special moments and people.

During a Skype meeting we will get to know each other a bit. We will read your wedding schedule and if we have tips or questions, we will let you know. We want as much info as possible, beforehand, so we can be nearly invisible during the day. In the end this will ensure that your wedding album is going to be a perfect summary of your day.

Check our availability

So, happy? Have we convinced you to send us an email? We would love to be your Amsterdam wedding photographer. Send us an email or give us a call. We will try to send you an email back as soon as possible and if you want we can meet via Skype, Facetime or in real life (we live in Elburg, which is a 50 minute drive from Amsterdam).

Pricing Amsterdam weddings

Most of the weddings we photograph in Amsterdam take about 8 to 10 hours to photograph. Our starting price is €1595 for one photographer and a small album. 

Our favorite Amsterdam wedding venues

Maybe it’s good to know that we have previously visited the Industrieele Groote Club (IGC), which overlooks The Dam. We have also ben to the West-Indisch Huis, The Grand, The Rode Hoed, The Tassen Museum (Bag Museum), The Pulitzer Hotel and The College Hotel. Locations with a great atmosphere, loads of original elements and a chique appearance.

But Amsterdam can be quite hip too. What about Pllek, The Hangar, The Kas and The Amstel Park? We have visited Artis, Hotel Droog and The Rijk van de Keizer. And a combination of both old and new is the Westergasterrein with The Transformatorhuis and Westerliefde.

If traveling isn’t too much a a problem, we know a few places like Paviljoen Puur, The Broeker House and The Arendshoeve (Garden of Amsterdam). Locations that are quite unique.