About us

“What’s better than turning your hobby into your profession?” This is what we thought in 2006 when we photographed our first wedding. It took four more years, several studies, countless workshops, cappuccinos, full notebooks and lots of lessons on business management before we made Mon et Mine what it is today.

Trouwjurk hangt aan een hanger in een boom.
Ontspannen trouwfotografie werkwijze
Bruidspaar ziet elkaar tijdens een first look op de heide.

How we work

It is important to us that when you look at the photos, you go back to the moment the photo was taken. To that nice dinner, that intimate moment during the photo shoot or the moment that you saw each other “for the first time” that day.

This is us

How are we at a wedding? I think you can summarize us in three words: calm, professional and creative. We like to improvise, we consult you when necessary and realize that this day is very special to you. So tell us what you want and we’ll take it into account. Do you want a photo shoot? Great! Do you want everything photojournalistic, also super!

Do you have a question about your wedding day or wedding photography?

As experienced wedding photographers, we are happy to share our knowledge and network. Send us a message with your question.

ramon en hermine 001 1

Neither I, nor my parents, nor the family could keep it dry while receiving and looking at the pictures.

1 or 2 wedding photographers

If you have a small group and the day is not so complex in terms of logistics, often one photographer is enough. But if you want a complete reportage, starting with the preparations at two locations and are moments of great importance, consider two wedding photographers.
Trouwfotografie emotionele blik zusje bruid


Beautiful words from awesome couples. We are extremely grateful for their review.

"Super nice contact, flexible, helpful, invisible on the day and as a result awesome photos."

Bruidsfotografie De Kas Amsterdam 033
Susanne & Thomas

"The tears literally jumped to my eyes. So pure, colorful, full of emotion and just the way the day was."

Bruiloft Hoorn Talitha Joey 023
Talitha & Joey

"Often we didn't even realize you were there, never did you 'get in the way; or faked a moment."

Romantische bruidsfoto van twee lieve mensen die een bijzonder momentje hebben.
Nicoline & Dennis

"The day as it was, full of love, warmth and emotions, is reflected in all the photos."

linda jeffrey ref 001 e1635236435723
Linda & Jeffrey

Frequently Asked Questions

See which questions we get most often here. More answers can be found at “all questions”. Do you have a question? Please ask us. Meer antwoorden staan bij “alle vragen”. Do you have a question? Please ask. Great!

I secretly hope of course, because you see our pictures and think: YES! We always shoot together because that way we can deliver complete wedding reportages. On the one hand we want to capture the must have moments (think: getting married, exchanging rings, signing autographs), but we also want to capture all the small and spontaneous moments. And what about the preparations in the morning… Ramon usually starts at one location and I (Hermine) at the other.

In terms of moments, think about when you first see each other that day. Or that moment when you walk forward, just before the ceremony begins. Or congratulations from you and your husband/wife. We split up during moments like this so we can capture your day from two points of view. This allows for more photos of various moments and less running back and forth on your day.

If you think one photographer is enough for the day, please let us know. And when in doubt, we can always take a look at your wedding plans.

Within three weeks the wedding photos are finished and uploaded to the online gallery. Often we manage to send a mini-preview within a few days.

Absolutely! You are welcome to visit us in Elburg, but we are meeting more and more often via Skype or Zoom. Let us know what works for you.

We are in a fine network of wedding photographers and have been able to support each other several times in emergencies.

This, seriously, is what almost every bride and groom says about themselves. Many of the people who see you on our website told us the same thing. We keep the photo shoot relaxed, allowing you to be photographed as yourself. And here and there we give little hints or tips. We want this moment to be a nice memory for you too.

We will send you the wedding photos, edited and all, in an online gallery. That way you can share them with whomever you want and everyone can make (or have made) prints. Pretty convenient, right? Of course in high resolution.

Bruidspaar gaat op de foto tijdens een trouwfotografie workshop.
Beginnende trouwfotografen volgen een workshop trouwfotografie van Mon et Mine.
Workshop voor trouwfotografen met praktijkdeel buiten met bruidspaar.
Tafel met kaasjes en verse jus d'orante tijdens een workshop.


In the past years we have learned a lot and therefore we have been giving workshops and masterclasses since 2013. If you want to know more, take a look at the possibilities.