About us

“What could be better than turning your hobby into your profession?”. In 2006, when we first shot a wedding, we never dreamed of actually fulfilling that dream. It took us another 4 years, a few years of study, many many workshops, cappuccino’s, lessons about having a business and notebooks before we made Mon et Mine what it is today. A company that trives to be as personal, colorful and pure as possible.

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What we’re like at a wedding? I think it pretty simple: easy going, professional and creative. We like to improvise, we will be asking questions if needed and we realise that this is a very special day.

So please, let us know what you like, photography wise. Would you like a more formal shoot with the two of you, great! It not, perfect. Please know that we are there and we want to capture your, and your guests’, special moments. 

A wedding is a lovely day and we know, from your own experience, that you want to feel relaxed and taken care of. You want to simply enjoy the day and know that someone captures every single moment.



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Right now we are starting a new chapter in our Mon et Mine adventure: we have a little baby called Emmily. When we got married in 2013 we found out that life changing events like these, change your photography as well. We see it again: more emotion, more love, more feeling for photography. Of course Ramon is still the master of architecture, overviews and atmosphere, while I take care of all the pretty details, the portraits and interaction between guests. Together we keep on looking for emotion and moments: an ongoing endeavor.

So what does all this merriness add to your wedding photos? Well, we shoot wedding with two photographers who really love their professions and do the utmost to make your wedding collection the best, so far. We want you to look at your wedding photos in 30 years and think only about how your day really was.

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