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A look behind the scenes (2023 edition)

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As 2023 draws to a close, we wedding photographers reflect back on a wonderful year. A year in which we got to photograph a lot of weddings. A lot together, but also a lot separately. And that takes some getting used to when you are married yourself and in previous years usually went out together. But at the same time, it is delightful.

In short, that alternation between big weddings where we photograph together and small weddings where we go with one wedding photographer works for us. And for you : ) And that’s why you’ll see a behind-the-scenes look at wedding photographers here. Want to read more about how we work? You can!

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A behind-the-scenes look at two wedding photographers with one photographer photographing the ceremony.

The best lenses for the most beautiful wedding photos

We invested in a very fine 50mm f1.2 lens this year. With RF mount, because we recently switched to mirrorless cameras. In addition, we already had an 85mm f1.2. I myself used it more and more this year, while Ramon then went with the 50. Nice to get fresh inspiration from new lenses every now and then!

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A look behind the scenes

And good news: Ramon made more behind-the-scenes of me this year! In addition, of course, I continued to photograph him. During the ceremony, when sometimes you really have a few minutes where not much is happening, during receptions, during the photo shoot (to test out a spot) and during the group photos ; ) In fact, when we work as a duo photographer, Ramon always takes those group photos. While he takes the portraits we need, I can look around us to see if anything else is happening.

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Even your wedding photographer comes to the wedding just dressed up

And perhaps well visible; we often wear the same outfits to weddings. This ensures that in the morning we don’t have to think too long about what to wear that day. Ramon always a pair of neat pants and a shirt or polo and I nine times out of ten the same pants (I even have it in blue and black) and on top of that a neat blouche or shirt. Preferably a little in the colors of the season. Often we buy neat new clothes in the spring and we can do with them for the whole season. Long live Studio Anneloes!

Those clothes also allow us to blend in a little better “into the day.” We try, when we can, to do something in terms of color accent that suits the day. A blue wedding card? Then chances are this color is going to come back a lot on the day and we try to take that into account.

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Unique wedding venues in 2023

Once again this season we were often to be found at the most beautiful wedding venues in the Netherlands. Perhaps not always with beautiful weather, but still, they were often fantastic, emotional and personal wedding days.

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Wedding photography in 2023

And yes, we also sometimes get in each other’s way. That sometimes happens and that’s totally okay. Often, then, the other person can see that it is more convenient to take a few steps to the side so that that one overview photo can be taken quickly. So all in all, wonderful to work together!
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