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The 50 most beautiful wedding venues | inspiration and a handy overview

When we talk about the most beautiful wedding venues, two things stand out to us. First of all, we have been to many different wedding venues in the Netherlands and we sometimes share this information with couples who already have a wedding date, but not a final location.

Dutch wedding locations inspiration: our thoughts

Secondly, we find that many couples like that we’ve already been to “their wedding location”. Because then you know, according to them, exactly where to go for the most beautiful spots. Partly this is right, because as a wedding photographer you know if an estate is beautiful or which road you should take for the best views, but partly it is wrong as well. It’s nice to know that a certain place is very beautiful in the fall, but the summer can be totally different.

Bruiloft Landgoed Ullerberg 027 1
Romantic wedding on the heath and in the woods at Landgoed Ullerberg.

Wedding Location overview: the 50 most beautiful Dutch wedding locations

After 450+ weddings we would like to show you this overview with the most beautiful wedding locations that we have been to once and that we love. These are 50 wedding venues that really stuck out to us and we’ll be updating the list regularly. Who knows, there might be a good suggestion for you!

Getting married in nature with lots of greenery and romance.

Landgoed Ullerberg in the surroundings of Leuvenum is on my shortlist. But also Akkerzicht near Bladel. The kind of location where you have a greenhouse, a large field where anything is possible, a number of small buildings and a nice terrace roof. And a few years back we were at a wedding at the Landgoederij in Bunnik.

The most beautiful wedding locations such as Rhederoord estate.
Lots of different spots at Landgoed Rhederoord.

The most beautiful castles

Wijenburg Castle in Echteld. This is a location we have visited about eight times in recent years, so we are very familiar with the castle and the surrounding area. Another attractive castle is Engelenburg Castle with the possibility of luxury dining.
If you are getting married in the Rotterdam area, take a look at Castle Rhoon. For example, this couple had a mix between the modern urban and romantic wedding in a castle. Another attractive castle is Tongelaar Castle in Mill.

Beautiful estates

Another location (near Arnhem) where we have often been is Landgoed Rhederoord in Rheden. This estate has a beautiful garden with many places where you can marry inside and outside. We’ve been here at least six times. The Staverden estate also has several beautiful places to marry. We have been to the white church before, but also to the estate itself we have been several times.

Bruiloft Landgoed Groot Warnsborn 025
Getting married in the garden of Landgoed Groot Warnsborn near Arnhem.

Wedding in a beautiful garden

In the vicinity of Eindhoven is Kasteel Geldrop. Here you can get married with the castle in the background, but you can also choose the beautiful garden. Decide for yourself what you like best. The Oud-Zandbergen estate is another such place, with a beautiful garden where you can get married outside.

Another wedding location where you can get married outside in a garden is Landgoed Groot Warnsborn. You can get married both inside and outside and the location is in arnhem. People who have been to Heenvliet know that this place is super photogenic. Ariane and Kevin’s wedding day took place in the church, the town and a beautiful garden. And last tip: get married at the Schildhoeve in Fluitenberg. We like to visit this location as well ; )Trouwen Kasteelhoeve Geldrop 049

Special historical sites

When the Bakkersmolen van Schuld had just opened, we were invited to photograph the first wedding. And we find that we visit mills more often, because the Opwettense Watermolen in Nuenen is also a location with a lot of history. We ourselves were married at the Woeste Hoeve in Hoenderloo, a beautiful old location where you also have a greenhouse, but also a cozy room with fireplace.

If you want to get married in a fortress, you should considder Fort Beemster or Paviljoen Puur (near Diemen and Amsterdam). And if Utrecht is an option, take a look at this report of the Dom tower. As the last one in this category we would like to show you the Kruitfabriek (by Lute) Explore Muiden; an industrial location with lots of possibilities.

Wedding in the woods

Maybe you already know the concept of“Trouwen in het Bos (marry in the woods)“. They can plan a complete wedding at a unique location, where you don’t have to arrange anything yourself. But also Landtgoed near Heino is great. Here too you can get married in the middle of the forest. If you don’t necessarily need to get married in the woods (but near the woods), check out Hoog Holten.

Beste Trouwfotografie 2020 020
Getting married at Landtgoed in Heino.

Unprecedented luxury on your wedding day

For example, you can get married at golf court The Duke in Nistelrode. A location where you can dine very luxurious, have your own butler for a day and enjoy the surroundings immensely.
Another example of a very special and luxurious location is of course Het Roode Koper, a place we visit on average once or twice a year and secretly enjoy.
If you want to get married in the south of the Netherlands you can always have a look at the Winselerhof. And if you are getting married in the West, take a look at Central Park in Voorburg.

Bruiloft Landgoed het Roode Koper 001
Luxury wedding at the Roode Koper.

Stately and chic wedding

The same applies to this Dutch wedding venue: we have a lot of experience here. For example with Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche in Baarn, where you can get married on golden chairs and experience a lot of luxury. Or Maurick Castle with its beautiful garden and light orangery. So a combination of two things.

Bruiloft it flinkeboskje Friesland 041 1

Botanical wedding in a greenhouse or orangery

This couple got married at the Arendshoeve, a unique wedding venue in a greenhouse with beautiful plants, near Amsterdam. And another wedding location in Amsterdam is De Kas.
The French atmosphere of Domaine Heerstaayen is also unique in the Netherlands. In Chaam you have wonderful wedding venues that make you forget that you’re in Holland.
Although we still haven’t been to the Hazelhof for a wedding, we have been there for quite a few inspiration shoots. Combine that place with the delicious food of Heerlijk & Hecht and you have a perfect day.
Or in Friesland… It Flinkeboskje! That is a location with its own atmosphere. Complete with greenhouse and lots of plants.

Beach, island, water

Earlier this year we were invited to photograph at the wedding of a couple on Schiermonnikoog. Highly recommended, because it is a beautiful Wadden Sea island! But beach bars can also be great. One time we photographed in April at Beachclub number 5 in Zandvoort. And if you want a combination of beach and “not beach”, choose for example De Viersprong. You can also do this at Brasserie Buitenhuis, near the Valkenburg Lake.

Bruiloft Finley Het Witte Huis AR 041 1

Wedding on the water

Of course you can also rent a boat in Amsterdam and get married during the canal cruise. Or on the SS Rotterdam, for example. An alternative is to get married atFinley the White House, where you can arrive by boat and get married with a view over the water.

Indoor wedding with lots of atmosphere

Huis de Voorst is a stately location where you can get married indoors as well as outdoors. And another location, just in Leiden and totally different in atmosphere is the Leidse Schouwburg. In terms of atmosphere, it is much more urban.

Trouw Vijverkafee Diepenbeek 073

Get married in Belgium

The super colorful wedding of Eva and Daan took place at Vijverkafee Diepenbeek. And that of Domien and Heidi at the Tiendschuur in Herkenrode. And also Toon-Bert and Dorien got married in a wooded area in Flanders,… Just across the border you have some beautiful venues too! Last location here? Consider Altembrouck, near Maastricht.

Getting married abroad

The last time we really went abroad was when we visited Osa Major: three days of pure enjoyment on Mallorca! And then the castle of Les Carasses (Quarante) is also in our list of favourites, because this was such a special place as well. And last, but not least, I will show you this Italian wedding in Umbria. If there’s one place I’d like to return to…

Bruiloft Osa Major Mallorca 052

Is your wedding location not listed?

Is the wedding location you have in mind not listed? Please let us know, because we love to discover new beautiful wedding locations! And… there’s always the chance that we’ve already been to your location. If you use our search function (at the top of this page) and type in the name of your wedding location, you’ll immediately see if we have any photos online.

And if you want a handy overview of many top wedding venues, check out this website. We would love to see you soon!