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Jiyoung and Max got married at The Kas (De Kas). This is one of those great Amsterdam wedding venues. Well actually… it is a restaurant, with great food and they sometimes have the opportunity to get married there. Either way: when you want to be in the middle of Amsterdam and yet see loads of green: go here!

A botanic wedding in Amsterdam

I saw Jiyoung and Max around 2 PM. They came from Rotterdam for their preparations and they had a bit of traffic. They were totally relaxed though and it was nice to see that they were even happier when they saw their venue. I already started taking some detail photos and when Jiyoung and Max were ready we did the first look. In a lovely botanical setting, with flowers, loads of green and a greenhouse.

Oh, how I love Jiyoungs perfume: Jo Malone. I love it so much, I asked Ramon to buy some for me too.

An outside wedding in Amsterdam

The wedding ceremony was in front of the actual Greenhouse. Because the weather was great, Max and Jiyoung could have an outside ceremony. Anne, the owner of Inspire Styling, styled the entire setting. After a few minutes, Max came outside and gave his mum a great big kiss!

In the Netherlands, it’s quite common to have an outside wedding. We do have a lot of variation in weather, but in general, one can see what the weather will be like in 2 or 3 days. That’s why a lot of “our couples” choose to get married outside. A lot of venues have options for both outside and inside weddings. And some of them can even change plans on the wedding day itself!

Throwing of the bouquet!

Don’t you just love this styling? Jiyoung wanted a combination of green and white. With Ikebana flowers, the minimalistic Japanese art. It’s very basic and pure and so it really stands out (in a good kind of way). I love how the stylist pulled it off.

I love The Kas and its surroundings: loads of greens, the glass of the greenhouse and oh that food…..

We had a little sunset moment: just the couple and the photographer, nothing more ; )

Did you know all the food is homegrown? Not all in this particular location, but all grown by greenhouses, owned by The Kas. The food is so pure, it looks simple, but it actually isn’t. I had a tasting of some of the food and wow…. epic ;)

Jiyoung and Max’s ideas:

Hair and Makeup artist: Kae Kosugi
Wedding Stylist, flowers and bouquet: Inspire Styling
Wedding Cake: (love!)

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