It Flinkeboskje | Hemelum | Merel and Jeroen


So when you get married in The Netherlands, people often think about locations in Amsterdam. But did you know that, what Amsterdam-people often call “The Province” is very very beautiful? For instance, Friesland, to be more specific “It Flinkeboskje” in Hemelum. What an Instagram-worthy wedding venue!

This location is a combination of a festival type location, a botanic greenhouse and loads of meadows. You can see a lake, near the location, green grass everywhere and here and there a few trees. Merel and Jeroen saw this location and knew that this would become their wedding location. And I applaud them for that.

Getting married in Friesland, The Netherlands

This venue has a few buildings and separated areas. For example “Het Voorhuis”, a farm in which you can stay with larger groups. They have sleeping accommodations and to be honest: we once were their guests too! Merel and Jeroen did their preparations at The Voorhuis and were 5 meters apart from each other. So romantic! Merel was ready before we knew it, while Jeroen was taking his time. After half an hour they saw each other in the garden.

Photoshoot in the greenhouse

Right. So photoshoot time. We went to this lovely greenhouse, we had a stroll, took some photos with the “Bakfiets” and we had a lot of sun. We took as many different photos as possible in about 60 minutes. And when we were done we had a fresh cappuccino, made by “their wedding barista”. Guests started to arrive on this location and when everyone was on sight, the ceremony started.

Look at that great entrance! This moment was so joyful.

My favorite moment during the ceremony

I’m absolutely sure that Merel and Jeroen had many favorite moments, this day. I’m also sure that my favorite moment was when Merels brother sang a lovely song and picked up his daughter. This was one of those moments where I had to cry myself. To be in such a great group of family and friends… it’s very special. Oh, and did I mention the great great great styling of this day? Don’t you just love all the flowers?

Grandpa had to take care of all the dinosaurs.

When in Holland, do as the Dutch do ;)

Having dinner in a greenhouse

Such a nice afternoon. We had a bit of rain, but this was only beneficial to the temperature in the greenhouse. The vendor told us that normally it is quite rare when both the ceremony and the dinner can be in the greenhouse, because of the temperature, but today was a perfect day. Guests had cake, congratulated the couple, had a pint, cappuccino, wine or a glass of soda and in general enjoyed the festivities.

At 18:00 people started to go inside the greenhouse. The wedding stylist made sure that everything looked perfect. We were there during the speeches and photographed everything that was happening. And we stayed until the party took off. What a joy to photograph.

Trouwadresjes van Merel & Jeroen

Wedding Ceremony by Esther (aunt) (
and Hinke Wolthuizen (Wedding Officiant)
Barista (Freddie Alves)
Live painter: Marieke Bekke
Wedding Cakes (made by several guests)
Shared dining by Lokaal 55
Wine by Cruwijn (Cru Wijn)
Photobooth (Mijn Fotohoekje)
DJ Spinkit
Wedding Dress (Hony; White One)
Suit of the groom (; Amersfoort)
Wedding invitations (De Kaartjes Winkel)
Weddingplanner  (
Flowers (Bloemen Koudum)
Hair & Make-up (Kapsalon Bonbini)
Wedding rings (Aller Spanninga)
Shoes Merel (Gabor)

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