Wedding at Winselerhof Landgraaf | Tanya & Chris

So Tanya is Mexican-German, works in Flanders and lives together with her fiance Chris. He is from the UK. What a perfect plan to celebrate your wedding somewhere in the middle: in The Netherlands. The south of the Netherlands, to be precise, at The Winselerhof in Landgraaf.

They invited all their best friends and family and wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. They enjoyed beer and pizza together and had haute cuisine in the same weekend. There was a bit of rain and sun. There were tears of happiness and joy. What a great great day.

What a joy to be helped by your mother, during preparations.

Friends arriving at The Winselerhof. Chris welcomed them all.

Chris, a few minutes before he got to see his bride.

Tanya, with Mexican veil, walking down the aisle. Her father brought her inside, but she wanted to walk the aisle herself. Because she is her own person. So a mix of tradition and modernism. I like it.

The ceremony was hosted by friends. Every single minute was personal.

There was a slight drizzle during the formals and the photo shoot with Tanya and Chris, but this certainly didn’t stop them.

Winselerhof and it’s Rome hall. We love love love this location!

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