Forest Wedding in Belgium | Toon-Bert & Dorien

    Getting married to your best friend and making your wedding day the best ever. A day to enjoy for your family and friends. I have so much respect for this couple. The way they turned an open field into a forest wedding… wow!

    A forest wedding

    We didn’t start in a forest. We started during prep-time and photographed both the bride (Dorien) and the groom (Toon-Bert), while preparing for this special day.

    Something old of the groom: a beautiful hand wind watch, previously owned by the grooms grandfather.

    The bride, her sister and her best friend had the same bracelets.

    When the groom cries during the first look I kinda melt… it is so nice to see that a man isn’t afraid to show his emotions in public. And he loves his bride, you can tell that in 1 image.

    We loved this civil ceremony part of the day. Civil ceremonies (especially in Belgium) can be a bit “dry”, but this was such a funny ceremony.

    After the civil ceremony and the champagne moment, we went to the heath for a photoshoot.

    Bruidspaar op de heide tijdens de fotoshoot. Bruidspaar voor bomen.

    Ah and that lovely forest location… we heard, during the ceremony, that this couple organized everything themselves. And did you know the bride now has a website? You can book her to help you with your own forest wedding!

    Imagine having a dinner at one of these tables….

    Regen op je bruiloft

    Trouwen met regen

    Even though it was August, this couple had a bit of rain. It was only a short shower, but nevertheless everyone was happy that there were a few tents. The couple and their guests stayed relaxed, people had umbrella’s and this small event made the day just perfect. Cosy underneath a giant tent… perfect atmosphere. This definitely was a rain proof wedding.

    Welkom op deze bruiloft.

    Live music, and Instagram wall, some games and a lot of great food.

    Sfeervolle bruiloft in de buitenlucht.

    A very special outside ceremony

    After reception time, people started walking towards the outside ceremony location. We adored the speech, given by Doriens mum. She didn’t only speak kind words about her daughter that was getting married, but also words for her younger daughter. True love.

    Overzichtsfoto van een ceremonie in een tent in het bos. Trouwceremonie in het bos bij Zutendaal. Trouwen in het bos van Vlaanderen Dineren in een stretchtent

    During dinner, a short evening shoot. Time for a quick kiss.

    Trouwfoto bij zonsondergang

    Around this particular moment, the party took off. Did you know Belgians know how to party? Maybe even better that most Dutch people?

    Great ideas by Dorien & Toon-Bert

    Wedding Dress: White and Ivory
    Wedding Suit: Café Costume
    Cake: Hallo Agatha
    Master of Ceremony: Tabloo Margot
    Styling: done by the bride and her team
    Hairdresser: Kafuné
    Florist: Bloemen Gill
    Catering: Carpe Diem
    Music: Rock au vin
    Invitations: drukkerij Gijsemberg

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