Forest Wedding | Maaike & Wilko

So Maaike’s sister is a wedding photographer. She once did one of our wedding photography workshops and when her sister told her that she was getting married, she knew who could take the photos. 

We started in Brielle

It is quite normal for us to start during preparations time. And so we did this wedding. This couple is very stylish and I love how the incorporated color and the woodlands theme into their entire wedding.

Bloemenmeisje Noa kreeg een superhippe rok met gouden legging!

Noa had to wait until her mum was finished. I love love love how cute she looks.

In the meanwhile at the grooms…. he’s almost reading a special card, given by the bride.

Saying hi to daddy

The groom came to Marions home, a friend of the bride, to pick up his soon-to-be-wife. His cute little daughter wanted to say hi too.

Lief klein bruidsmeisje met haar papa en mama.

The way this little girl stares. Mum and dad had their first look. The photo beneath this one, was taking at Maaike’s granny. Unfortunately she couldn’t make it to the wedding, so the couple decided to visit her.

Bruid met haar oma.

Having a wedding photographer sister

Maaike’s sister, Marjolein, knew exactly where we needed to go for the photoshoot. And so we were in the middle of a forest. Oh and near an area with shifting sand.

Foto's in de Soester Duinen. Trouwen in het bos styling. Met mooie bloemen en natuurlijke materialen.

Forest wedding near Lage Vuursche

In Holland we have a company called “Trouwen in het Bos”. This company is specialized in forest wedding and we met them a few years ago during a pretty forest wedding, not entirely unlike this one. They help you with everything: caterer, flowers, chairs, officiant and styling. So we were thrilled to see they pulled it off again : )

De bruid komt met haar dochter aanlopen. Trouwen in het bos van Lage Vuursche, overzicht van een ceremonieplek

That sweet moment, right after the ceremony… time for a kiss!

Trouwreceptie in het bos van Lage Vuursche.

This couple had a barbecue for dinner. We photographed them during reception time and during the first 20 minutes of the barbecue. And look at those cute little succulents!

Vetplantjes als bedankje voor de gasten. Ontspannen receptie met stoeltjes en bruiloftsgasten. Trouwdiner onder een stretchten in het bos. Wedding sign in het bos.

Nice adresses, by Maaike & Wilko!

Invitations: Stijlvol.
Rings: Ed Nobel. en Houtvanje.
Wedding Dress: La Nova Bruidsmode.
Clothing and shoes of groom: Misura Sartoria.
Make-up and hair of the bride: Boost Hear & Health by Claire.
Flowers: Mullers Floral art.
Wedding planner and locations: Trouwen in het bos.
Videographer: vriendin van de familie
Wedding Cake: De Bakbarwinkel Arnhem.
Catering: Mobile Street Food

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