Amsterdam Wedding at The College Hotel & Vondelkerk

    Getting married in Amsterdam. Dave and Helen had a clear idea about which city would suit their dream wedding best.

    Outnumbered by foreign wedding guests

    They found a weddingplanner (Annelies of Art 2 Arrange) and started to plan their day. With 100+ guests. Basically all from different countries. If I’m not mistaken there were a lot of Irish (woohoo!), some from Australia and many many other countries. We, as Dutch inhabitants, were outnumbered. And we loved it.

    Next stop, Ireland?

    Let’s not start about my secret wish to one day photograph a wedding in Ireland. Scotland would be nice too, but Ireland… wow. So it was pretty funny to see that people who live in this wonderfull country decided to come to Amsterdam. Not only for their wedding, but to spend a big part of their lives. Helens dad once met her mum here, so it is quite a natural step for Dave and Helen to move to Amsterdam (even though they now live in Australia).

    A very special Irish wedding

    What I really liked about this particular wedding is that Dave and Helen had very specific ideas about what they did and did not like for their wedding. They wanted a lot of flowers, decided to go for the College Hotel and had us as their wedding photographers. They both started in a lovely location (i.e. Villa Nicola and The College Hotel), wanted photos that showed the beauty of Amsterdam and loved a toast in the Vondelpark. They had a boat ride for their guests, a dinner that took quite some hours and a band that flew all the way from Australia to play on their party.

    Personal moments, kind words

    The Irish know how to give a proper speech. Wow. We loved the introductions by their best man, we loved the laughter, the tears and the stories that were told. To us it was the perfect way to really get to know a family and/or group of friends. And now I’ve read all of the above, I haven’t even mentioned their lovely little flower girl. Isn’t she a cute little one?

    I absolutely loved the location where all the bridesmaids and bride did their preparations. Villa Nicola, an absolute gem in Amsterdam!

    Time for pink champagne ;)

    Cute Irish Flower girl with red curls.

    I’m afraid this was probably the cutest flower girl ever. Those curls! Those blue flowers… perfect!

    Bridal party in Amsterdam, with a cute little flower girl.

    Wedding planner Annelies made sure everything went according to plan.

    A kiss for dad on your wedding day. Walking down the aisle in Amsterdam. Wedding ceremony at the Vondelkerk or Vondel Church. Cute little ring bearer in the Vondelkerk. Drinking champagne in the Vondelpark.

    Having a toast in the Vondelpark. With 100 guests. Quite a challenge, but oh so nice.

    Flowers bij Don Florito, Amsterdam. Canals and bikes of Amsterdam. Photo made at an Irish wedding.

    Photoshoot in Amsterdam

    We had about 20 minutes for the photoshoot. A few days before the wedding, wedding planner Annelies and I decided that this location would be the best. We first thought we would have about 60 minutes, but Amsterdam weddings tend to run late, so we had to improvise. We were so happy that this couple was so natural in front of the camera!

    Love in Amsterdam Wedding portraits near the canals of Amsterdam.

    Irish speeches: great times.

    Dinner at the College Hotel, Amsterdam

    Dinner took a few hours. We heard about 7 or 8 speeches I think and even though the party started later, we loved every moment.

    Cutting the cheese cake

    So before the party started, the couple cut the cake. Not a traditional sweet wedding cake, but a cake made out of cheese!

    Party at the College Hotel

    Great little wedding adresses (via wedding planner)

    Wedding planner: Art 2 Arrange
    Bridal Prep location: Villa Nicola, city B&B Amsterdam
    Wedding venue: College Hotel, Amsterdam hotel
    Wedding Flowers: Don Florito
    Videographer: Frouke Stienstra
    Photographer: Mon et Mine
    Hair & Make-up: PierĂ´t, Amsterdam
    Wedding Celebrant: Daphe van den Boogaard, Levensceremonie
    Band: Ursula
    Church: Vondelkerk, kerk Amsterdam


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