A Dutch Country side wedding: Rhederoord

A very nice Dutch wedding

Most people who decide to get married in The Netherlands choose a famous city like Utrecht or Amsterdam. But getting married in the countryside can be beautiful as well. You only need a bit of imagination and a bit of luck. This Dutch couple decided to get married at the Rhederoord estate. A location that’s about an one hour drive from Amsterdam.

An outside wedding

They got married on April fools day. They simply met on that date, a few years ago and thus this was their perfect wedding date. To be precise, they decided to stretch their wedding and make it a full weekend, starting with a dinner on friday, a saturday filled with activities and a wedding sunday.

What we especially liked about their day was the inner circle of friends, the beautiful styling and their love for their kids. Laura has two daughters and Dennis has two sons and now, together, they form a new family.

Weddingplanner Vivian

Everything was wedding planned by Vivian ter Huurne, my friend and owner of Het Bruidsmeisje (The Bridesmaid). Together with the couple she “designed” the perfect wedding weekend. Together with nannies for the kids, an outside ceremony underneath the Sequoia trees and loads of great entertainment. This is one of those weddings that will be reminded for ages to come.


How cool is it to be a bridesmaid on the day your own mum gets married?

A lovely Dutch wedding venue

We love all the great spaces in the Rhederoord building. We love their use of wood, their great big windows and the giant stairs.

Don’t you just love their smiles? And what about Laura’s perfect dress?!

Outside wedding

True, it was a bit cold, but nevertheless this couple decided to get married outside. I can’t blame them, because it is such a nice setting! And now, a few weeks later, people already forgot the cold, but remember the setting.


The end of this lovely day

We were there until the cake was cut. Because this couple decided to have an evening without party, it was the perfect moment to say goodbye to the happy newly weds.

Adresses of this couple and Vivian, the weddingplanner

Weddingplanner team: weddingplanner Het Bruidsmeisje
Location: Rhederoord Estate
Wedding dress: via Covers Couture
Suit: Rietbergh 
Wedding cake: Patisserie Christiaan
Entertainment: Lovesound
Wine-moment: Jazz & Wine (via Lovesound)
Live Painter: Feest in Verve
Film: Chantal Arnts
Haarstylist: Fashion Hairstylist
Make-up Artist: Netanya Lüschen
Nanny: La Nou Nou
Florist: Don Florito
Tent & Styling Ceremony: Best Day Ever
Lounge furniture: Delighted
Officiant: Joanne Trouwt
Guest Cam: Guestcam (holy, moly, aanrader!!!! Uiteraard weer via Vivian :-)