Wedding with children | Dutch wedding in a rural setting

    So you decided to get married. Not only to each other, but to your kids as well. And on this very special day you are accompanied by your dear friends, family and their children as well. At a wedding venue that is very laid back. Desie and Maikel new instantly that their dream wedding would take place at De Heische Hoeve.

    Heerlijk & Hecht, our favorite Dutch caterer

    Okay, so you’ve find the perfect Dutch wedding venue, but that doesn’t mean you are ready for the big day. Weddings can get bigger and bigger. The project grows and grows. So it’s very nice to have a caterer that does a lot of work for you. For instance Heerlijk & Hecht, a fantastic group of people that can cook, style and host your wedding. It was wonderful to see what Anne Floor, owner of Heerlijk & Hecht, did for this couple. The hosted the entire event. And we are so thankful that we could be part of this wedding day.

    Inspiration for a kids wedding

    We were so impressed with this wedding that we would love to show you all the little details. Just to show some inspiration. Especially for couples that consider to get married with a lot of children on their wedding day. This couple had an “out of the box” mind set. The decided to plan their wedding around their children. Because if your children are entertained, you kind of are as well, right? So in the end they had a marshmallow-moment, great food for the kids and a super late dinner so every parent could bring their kid to sleep before “grown up-” dinner started.

    This day started in De Dassenhut, a super romantic little cabin!

    Bloemwerk van Bloem Marie.

    These flowers were arranged by Bloem Marie. Heerlijk & Hecht normally teams up with V&V Bloemen en Wonen, but this time the bride asked one of her contacts. We love the colors.

    Trouwkleding voor de kinderen.

    When you have two daughters and a sun you need a lot of clothing.

    Prachtige trouwjurk met kant, voorkant en achterkant. The maquis tent was styled with stacks of hay, plaids, folding chairs and flowers. All kids sat front row.

    Mooie trouwring foto's.

    We love to photograph wedding rings.

    Trouwkaartje van dit bruidspaar.

    Don’t you just love all those personal elements of this wedding?

    Het bruidspaar is net getrouwd. Een heerlijke High Tea via Heerlijk & Hecht.

    For those who don’t know Heerlijk & Hecht: they make the best food! This couple chose a high tea moment with both a sweet table and a savory table. Nomnomnom!

    Lekkere hartige hapjes van Heerlijk & Hecht. Iets lekkers om te drinken tijdens de receptie.  In the afternoon a lot of guests went home, but the inner most circle stayed for a very special workshop and load of great food.

    Workshop met schaapsherder. Ijsjes voor de kinderen. Kindertafel voor een bruiloft. Compleet diner. Tent op je bruiloft.

    Many guests slept over at the Heische Hoeve and the youngsters got to sleep in a tent. They all got a sleep-over goody bag.

    The stationery was arranged by Heerlijk & Hecht.

    So this couple didn’t end their day with a party, but instead choose for a good dinner. Most kids were to bed so the adults could enjoy a quiet evening with great wine, food and company.

    Favorite vendors chosen by Desie & Maikel

    Caterer and stylist:
    Wedding venue: (Heissche Hoeve)
    Starting location:
    Officiant: Pauline Suidgeest
    Wedding invitation:
    Wedding dress:
    Wedding suit:
    Live music:
    Flowers (via Heerlijk & Hecht): V&V
    More flowers:



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