Loveshoot in Amsterdam | Katie & Julian

    Getting married in September

    Nailia sent me a quick message: “are you guys still available for an American September wedding?” Well,.. sure! So last week we met Katie and Julian, two American (well and partly British) citizens who will get married in this lovely county: The Netherlands. To be exact, they chose Amsterdam. Julian used to live here with his parents. And they chose the Netherlands, because a large part of their family and friends would have to fly anyway. We as Dutch people aren’t really used to that, but Americans fly a lot it seems ;)

    Being photographed in Amsterdam

    So, Amsterdam, in a couple of months. They still have to make a lot of decisions for their wedding and Nailia (of Best Day Ever) will help them. She also suggested to have a loveshoot or “couple engagement shoot” in Amsterdam. We visited a few places that are important for Katie & Julian. They took their Dutch bikes, we took our car to the centre of Amsterdam and we met near the canals.

    Ready for your wedding day?

    Cafe ‘t Smalle is where we met, to  be exact. Katies family name sounds quite similar to that name. And we visited the Jordaan, the area where Julian grew up. We also took some photos at his parents apartment. So there we had two Americans, two wedding photographers, two bikes, the setting of Amsterdam, great weather and some cute smiles. We cannot wait to photograph their wedding day at Westerliefde : )

    Verliefd op een bruggetje in Amsterdam. Portret van een verliefd stel, aan de Heerengracht in Amsterdam. loveshoot in amsterdam, vlak bij de grachten waar overal fietsen staan.

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