Wedding Het Roode Koper Ermelo | Loes & Hidde


    Such a romantic wedding…. with a gorgeous bride and a handsome pilot. We loved their beautiful wedding, hosted at Het Roode Koper. They had great weather, an indian summer party, Italian atmosphere, a great Daschund, very nice guests and a very nice vendor team. Did we mention the Pinterest-proof styling yet?

    This couple asked us to photograph their wedding as photojournalistic as possible. Sure, they love detailshots, but they wanted as many intimate moments captured as possible. We did take a few photos with their cutie dog Filou, but the less formals the better. And to be honest, we didn’t put many of those intimate moments online, because of privacy reasons. So we will show you a lot of atmospheric photos, a few details and many great “couple photos”. And did you spot the great “Het Bruidsmeisje“-styling?

    bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-004bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-003 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-005 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-008bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-007 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-010bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-012 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-011 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-009bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-001 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-014 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-015 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-016bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-020 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-018 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-019 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-022 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-023 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-024 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-026 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-027 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-028 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-029 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-030 bruiloft-landgoed-het-roode-koper-031


    Vendor team:

    Weddingplanner: Vivian ter Huurne, Het Bruidsmeisje
    Balloons: Ballon Idee
    Flowers: Bloom your Life
    Cinematography: Blau Productions
    Decoration: Trends for Rent, & Te Leuk Trouwen
    DJ: Victor & Rolf
    Hair dressers: Dutch Hair
    Location: Het Roode Koper
    Music: Strijkorkest Carel
    Ceremonial speaker: Joanne trouwt



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