Are you getting married in 2024 or 2025 and want to know if the date is still available?

"The day as it was, full of love, companionship, warmth and emotions."

Linda & Jeffrey

This is what our day looked like!

Wedding photography where you look at your photos and think, “Yes, our day was that special!”. At Mon et Mine, we believe in capturing authentic, unposed moments in bright colors and beautiful black and white.

Discover our unique approach to wedding photography and learn more about what we can do for you.

Bruidsfotografie kleurrijk natuur
Beste Trouwfotografie
Bruidegom wordt omhelst tijdens de felicitaties.
Detailrijke trouwfotografie

They both have such a wonderful presence and energy. If we ever felt stressed, they were great sources of calmness.

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ramon en hermine 001 1
Bruidspaar met hun oudere zoon tijdens een emotionele trouwceremonie.


We understand that your wedding day is a unique day. Therefore, we have put together a number of packages so you can choose from the ones that best suit your day.

Whether you have an intimate wedding or a large wedding party, we have many different options. Packages include a wedding album, a certain number of hours of photography and the choice of one or two wedding photographers.

Why Mon et Mine?

Our wedding photos are bright in color, our process relaxed and we focus on your moments as well as those of your guests.

What others say

Find out why these couples chose Mon et Mine for their wedding photography. Read the real experiences of our wedding couples.

"A thousand thanks for translating our wishes exactly as we had in mind."

Bruiloft Landgoed het Roode Koper 018
Loes & Hidde

"Wow, this beautiful moment was captured in a photo, and I didn't see Hermine or Ramon at all."

Toon Bert Dorien 731
Toon-Bert & Dorien

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