Wedding South of France | Denise-Kim & Luciano

    Our Destination Wedding in the South of France and what a lovely place!┬áDenise-Kim (DK) asked us to come around 15:00, but when we heard about the schedule we decided to come early. Luciano picked us up and when we arrived we started to shoot the details. DK had a lovely Cymbeline dress that was easy to alter from a long to a short dress. She already wore it for her formal wedding in Sweden, but now she wanted to wear it again for the spiritual wedding in France. She decided to shorten her dress and it was totally different immediately. And the flowers she’s wearing in her hair? They are made by Sibo Designs!

    The preparations were done separately. Luciano was in the studio while DK was in one of the rooms, upstairs. Her hairdresser, who she flew in just like the videographers and us, was doing her hair. After half an hour it was time to put on the dress.

    In the afternoon all the guests gathered for the wedding ceremony. When everyone was seated, DK and her dad descended from the stairs. Luciano was waiting for his lovely bride. They sat down and the ceremony started. A word of introduction was given by a friend of the family. After the introduction the couple read out their wedding vows, gave each other a big kiss and exchanged their rings.

    The evening was filled with laughter, dancing, good food and beautiful city views. Luckily we had the chance to have a tiny photoshoot. They even grabbed their super cute bunny for a few shots. Afterwards Luciano and DK changed into their evening outfits and it was time for the party. During the party there were a few sketches and songs and around 23:00 the party really started. DK had a dance with Luciano and later she also danced with her dad which was a very intimate moment.


    • ronald schreef:

      Prachtigggggg wat een mooi licht ook

    • Hermine schreef:

      @Ronald. Denise-Kim is zelf fotografe en had heeeeel bewust hun ceremonie wat later op de dag gepland, zodat het licht mooier zou zijn. Echt heerlijk wanneer bruidsparen zo goed meedenken ^^

    • damon schreef:

      Wat een prachtige serie ! heerlijk in Frankrijk!!

    • Karen schreef:

      tof zeg! Die met de zon achter het kussende bruidspaar, super!

    • Ronald Doornekamp schreef:

      Ben wel degene met het minst verstand van fotografie, maar absoluut fan van jullie werk! Geweldig dat warme licht in deze rapportage! Het meest fantastisch vind ik nog die spontane, niet-geposeerde plaatjes (jongen met hond, drie dansende jongens). Keep the good work going!

    • Patricia schroder schreef:

      Very very nice it was amazing.

    • Moniek schreef:

      Heel mooi Ramon en Hermine! Groot compliment dat ze jullie heeft gevraagd, want Zweden heeft een paar erg goeie bruidsfotografen! Leuk!

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