Wedding South of France | Denise-Kim & Luciano

31 juli 2012 | By Bruidsfotografie | 7 Comments

Our Destination Wedding in the South of France and what a lovely place! Denise-Kim (DK) asked us to come around 15:00, but when we heard about the schedule we decided to come early. Luciano picked us up and when we arrived we started to shoot the details. DK had a lovely Cymbeline dress that was easy to alter from a long to a short dress. She already wore it for her formal wedding in Sweden, but now she wanted to wear it again for the spiritual wedding in France. She decided to shorten her dress and it was totally different immediately. And the flowers she’s wearing in her hair? They are made by Sibo Designs!

The preparations were done separately. Luciano was in the studio while DK was in one of the rooms, upstairs. Her hairdresser, who she flew in just like the videographers and us, was doing her hair. After half an hour it was time to put on the dress.

In the afternoon all the guests gathered for the wedding ceremony. When everyone was seated, DK and her dad descended from the stairs. Luciano was waiting for his lovely bride. They sat down and the ceremony started. A word of introduction was given by a friend of the family. After the introduction the couple read out their wedding vows, gave each other a big kiss and exchanged their rings.

The evening was filled with laughter, dancing, good food and beautiful city views. Luckily we had the chance to have a tiny photoshoot. They even grabbed their super cute bunny for a few shots. Afterwards Luciano and DK changed into their evening outfits and it was time for the party. During the party there were a few sketches and songs and around 23:00 the party really started. DK had a dance with Luciano and later she also danced with her dad which was a very intimate moment. Read More

Loveshoot South of France | Denise-Kim and Luciano

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(Lieve mensen, deze blogpost is in het Engels, omdat het gezelschap voor een groot deel Internationaal was (dear everyone, this blogpost will be written in English, because most guests were from different countries)

The south of France, two beautiful people who got married in this wonderful surrounding. Luciano and Denise-Kim (DK) chose these surroundings, because DK’s family has a holiday home there.

When our plane landed we needed a few hours of relaxation. At six thirty Luciano picked us up and drove us to the holiday home. DK showed us around the best spots of the house. Fifteen minutes later we drove towards the first location, a vineyard. The happy couple were here the day before with their wedding videographers and really wanted to go back with us. We took some pictures up the hill, climbed down and start shooting in a lovely vineyard. After thirty minutes we took the car to the next spot: the beach of Le Lavandou. At first we headed for the beach, but in the end we took pictures near a boathouse and near some sturdy rocks. We asked the happy couple to climb on the rocks, while we took pictures. It was just lovely to be here, because it was so quiet and relaxing. We almost just wanted to sit around and enjoy the view ;)
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